Monday, 14 April 2008

my extended favourite music videos list from put me on

runners up...

so many videos to choose from, and chris cunningham, michel gondry and spike jonze feature heavily. it's funny how a good video can cement song in your head or make you like one you didn't like or make one you liked, like even more. i had to look through a lot of videos to come up with these and came across many that i love the track for and thought the video was awesome only to realise in retrospect they aint all that.
as i listen to mostly hip hop and there aren't really many decent videos for old soul songs, most of my stuff is hip hop.

i think this was the most expensive music video of it's time, hype williams was blowing up a new style for hip hop videos, mega budgets, far from what before was posse's, rental cars and maybe black and white to look arty... i liked liked this track cos of busta even though it fell into a more r'n'b area than i was into at the time

14. hype williams + janet jackson + busta rhymes = what's it gonna be?

i grew up on mad max, or road warrior as it was know in the states, my mum went on a date with mel gibson and later she worked for the producers of beyond thunderdome. i got to play with the prop guns which disappointingly were plastic and gaffa tape. always loved this video and a dope joe cocker sample makes for a nice track

13. 2pac - california love

love the past and present block parties coming together as one, love the track and lauryn looks pretty hot...

lauryn hill - doo wop

this was the embodiment of 90s hip hop videos and for me, got me into blackstreet, but only just, and dre "giving you eargasms with his mellow flow" =)

12. blackstreet + dr dre = no diggity

this video is just mad fun, i wonder what came first the video or the set, like "hey guys we can use the flintstones set, let's make a track for it..." you know when you hear those horns, it's the jump off!

7. wu tang - gravel pit

i remember being a kid sick in bed and my dad hiring omega man, the original non authorised film of the book that became i am legend, and the making of thriller the video, i was a big michael jackson fan and loved horror movies and american werewolf in london. the special effects make up were cutting edge for the day and mikes werewolf is still pretty scary.

11. michael jackson - thriller

no video! =(

ok this song got played out and everyone who didn't like hip hop bumped it to death and annoying girls request it but it was a dope song which is why it was so catchy and the video is on some grease/westside story type ish and i feel it..

10. outkast - hey ya

cari gave me the chris cunningham music videos dvd as she found it too disturbing, i put it one night, feel asleep and woke up in a nightmare. i gave it back. my next door neighbour played it to me about a year before it made it to video and it distrubed me.

5. chris cunningham + aphex twin = come to daddy

wicked effects, styling and dance moves

6. missy elliot - work it

ok probably more disturbing than come to daddy, but was a good piss take on hip hop video. my next door neighbour had the calender of this at work with a different booty girl each month with richard james' face. everytime he came back to his desk it was turned face down

3. aphex twin + chris cunningham = windowlicker

wow chris cunningham did a non scary video! i like robots...

4. chris cunningham + bjork = All is full of love

more robots! giant robots even. stop frame, tokyo train stations, what do you need? this video made me like the song more

8. beastie boys - intergalactic

well i already liked the song and knew wong kar wai from in the mood for love and everything he seems to shoot has an amazing look to it

9. wong kar wai + dj shadow = six days

hip hop videos by the numbers, what to do. or rather, what not to do

The roots - what they do

yeah it's about love

3. J Dilla - Nothing Like This

ok i loved this from the minute i saw it and the fact it was for one of my favourite groups and favourite tracks didn't hurt either. apparently they had to learn to say the words backwards to make it seem like the were rapping it right? don't know about that...

2. spike jonze + pharcyde = drop - my favourite hip hop video

and the winner...

this pretty much has to be my favorite music video. real simple, one set, some lights, a few different costumes and synchronised dancing. but it works so well and is a great track. was considering this for number one and stopped off in a bar on the way home last night and bizzarely this video came on and that cemented it as my choice.

1. daft punk + michel gondry = around the world

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